Private Party Cover and Blurb Reveal

Baking, books, and the sexiest man alive make an interesting recipe for love.

Holly Wright’s combined bakery and bookstore is struggling to survive. Despite her prime location off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, business is almost non-existent. If something doesn’t change soon, she’ll have to close for good. When the world’s hottest actor, Caleb Peters literally falls through the front door of the bookstore, her entire world gets turned upside down. His offer to use her shop for a private party is too good to pass up and could mean a second chance for her floundering business. Unfortunately, complications arise when Caleb wants to date her, complications she isn’t ready to accept. Caleb’s lifestyle is too much drama, too much craziness, and too much heartache. Her growing feelings for Caleb aren’t enough to move past his celebrity status. Holly wants nothing to do with it.

Caleb Peters is the hottest, most sought after celebrity in the world. He’s the guy every woman wants. His life is on an upward trajectory and he’s having a blast taking it all in. He just wished the paparazzi would give him a break and butt out of his life. After falling through the front door of The Bookish Bakery, he falls hard for its owner, Holly. Hoping to impress her and help her at the same time, he convinces her to let him use her shop for a private party he’s throwing. If only he could convince her there’s more to him than being a celebrity.

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