About the Writer

Mimi Francis is a northern girl who transplanted herself to the much warmer southwest thirty years ago and has no intention of ever going back. After all, you don’t have to shovel sunshine. She has always been a voracious reader and ever since she was a little girl, she had some kind of story playing in her head, daydreams that she turned into intricate stories. It took her forty-two years to put pen to paper and start writing, but she hasn’t looked back since. After her three children grew up and started their own lives, she decided it was time to chase her dreams. She’s been running after them ever since.

She loves writing contemporary steamy romance because she finds it fun to write people letting themselves go and getting down and dirty with someone that makes their blood boil. It’s also her little secret – she might be innocent looking on the outside, but she’s a crazy smut writer on the inside. Mimi stumbled into writing steamy romance when she started writing fanfiction for her favorite obsessions. People seemed to love the smut, so she grabbed the reins and barreled headlong into writing it. One of Mimi’s favorite series is JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Her dream is to have people love her books like she loves those. JR Ward is an inspiration to Mimi and her writing.

When she’s not busy writing, Mimi loves to binge-watch new shows, fawn over her favorite Supernatural monster hunters, re-watch her collection of Marvel movies, crochet, and spend time with her husband of twenty-seven years and their dogs.

Nothing makes her happier than readers becoming invested in her characters and her stories. Mimi wants to give readers an escape, even if it’s just for a little bit, a chance to get away from their everyday lives and be transported into a world of romance with a lot of smut thrown into it.