Second Chances in Hollywood

Hollywood will eat you alive. It’s a crazy world not everyone can navigate. Finding love in the madness is damn near impossible. Fortunately, these men have what it takes. Everyone deserves a second chance at love, even Hollywood’s leading men.

Lights, camera, love!

Chris Chandler, an anxiety-ridden actor, falls for Sofia Larson, the escort he’s secretly dating. Sofia doesn’t want to get involved or get emotional, but when it comes to Chris, all the rules have changed. PURCHASE HERE

Protecting her is the hardest thing he’s every done…

Stubborn actress, Miranda Putnam, doesn’t need or want protection, especially not from Alex Peters, the incredibly annoying and incredibly handsome bodyguard hired by her management company. PURCHASE HERE

What’s the ultimate recipe for love? Baking, books, and the sexiest man alive.

Caleb Peters, the world’s hottest actor and the sexiest man alive, wants nothing more than to help Holly Wright keep her struggling bookstore/bakery business afloat.

Will the bookworm baker let Caleb into her heart or is this unexpected romance actually a recipe for disaster? PURCHASE HERE

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